Why single source for technology?


Business owners and organizational leaders are often faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of selecting reliable and effective technology partners. Even seasoned professionals, such as information technology directors and facilities managers can find themselves struggling to select qualified and competent vendors. Engaging a single vendor to holistically provide information and facilities technology services presents a refreshing alternative to conventional practices.

An often overlooked benefit of the single vendor approach is the opportunity for a more collaborative business partnership. By learning organizational objectives and establishing a unified vision of technology requirements, Miles Ahead Technology can provide more relevant guidance to client stakeholders. Over time, most clientele view our team as an extension of their own.

Cost effectiveness is a significant factor in most technology related decisions. As such, engaging one firm to provide a full line card of services across each facet of information and facilities technology presents many opportunities for cost savings. For instance, while conducting technology design, our team of engineers can discuss the project in its entirety and identify product incompatibilities and opportunities for feature enhancement before the boat is in the middle of the proverbial implementation river, as a result, averting costly change orders and project delays.

Technology vendor infighting and finger pointing often presents a troublesome challenge to decision makers, especially those who are not technology professionals, but must rely on technology to achieve their goals. Even though Miles Ahead Technology expends exceptional effort to collaborate with technology peers and competitors, our preference is to rid our clients of vendor management hassle and be solely accountable. We maintain, if our performance does not meet expectations, we deserve to be dismissed.