we strive to consistently achieve quality

Miles Ahead Technology offers an extensive suite of technology services intended to satisfy the narrowest and most sweeping professional objectives. Our clients benefit from an economy of scale when bundling our services; however, many choose to begin a la carte. Whether providing design, project or support assistance, we strive to consistently achieve quality, cost effective and punctual results.

successful projects

Projects and programs are often considered more successful when preceded by thorough and original planning, especially during recurring or large scale efforts. As with other complex business or building systems, commissioning a professional design affords an opportunity to adjust budget, expectations or requirements prior to execution. Our business development and engineering teams collaborate to propose affordable, appropriate and innovative information and facilities technology designs.

execution and oversight are critical

Just as planning and design are critical to the success of an undertaking, equally so are execution and oversight. Miles Ahead Technology project managers are trained to facilitate communication, interpret stakeholder expectations and guide our team of skilled technicians to achieve premier results. Our team regularly and reliably collaborates with managers, general contractors, building officials and tradesmen to complete projects on time and within budget.

flexible service plans

Miles Ahead Technology offers a variety of flexible service plans to suit nearly any professional requirement and budget. When organizations choose to partner with Miles Ahead Technology, the benefit of engaging a single entity to provide support for a broad range of technology systems is readily apparent. In addition, our expansive service offerings allow our clients to focus on job duties instead of frequently qualifying or managing relations among multiple contractors.