we solve problems

We solve problems, not with a broad stroke, but with exacting precision. Too often, technology integrators are restrained by allegiance to manufacturers and industry partners, inevitably leading to blanketed and less than ideal propositions. By partnering with Miles Ahead Technology, organizations receive a refreshing and vendor agnostic view of what information and facilities technology has to offer.

Miles Ahead Technology offers the following design services:


Do you have an idea in need of flesh, a seemingly insurmountable technical challenge or require a unique way to reach your target market? Engage our team of engineers to fully contemplate budget, objectives and timeline before proceeding with additional design tasks.


Allow our team to proof concepts and quickly alter methods and components prior to planning or implementing a new technology.

pilot program

Limited, real world testing under close observation provides an opportunity to practically test and affect change to a new technology system with reduced risk. Prototyping, more often than not, leads to educated, instead of, speculative decision making.


Legible, intelligible and complete drawings are essential to the success and continued support of projects. Interdisciplinary collaboration proceeds with less confusion when clear illustrations are available as reference.


Relevant, unique and well articulated technology specifications are challenging to complete, but worth the investment to ensure accurate costing and vendor accountability.