we’re passionate about helping clients

Our support personnel are passionate about helping our clients realize the full value and potential of their technology investments. We understand the budgetary impacts of ongoing support and regularly collaborate with the organizations we serve to plan and act in their best fiscal and operational interest, long term. By offering a myriad of support plans and services, we guarantee clients will find an ideal solution to overcome technology challenges.

Miles Ahead Technology offers the following support services:

help desk

Our staff of experts is available when you need us most. Contact us by e-mail, Internet or telephone and we will provide prompt and polite service to each member of your organization based upon a mutually agreed upon support plan.


Deferring regular inspection and testing of the technology systems your organization relies upon can extend resulting business interruption and compound costs. Get ahead of tomorrow’s emergency by employing a routine maintenance program today.


Allow us to identify and deploy upgrades to enhance the technology systems serving your organization.


Miles Ahead Technology offers monitoring services to proactively identify and alert clients of liabilities, forthcoming outages or system faults.


Entrust the coordination and sourcing of technical support to Miles Ahead Technology. We will make educated decisions on your behalf about service provider, products and priority based upon your predefined criteria.