A myriad of technology systems continue to enhance the workspaces of today while offering an increasing number of integration options. Our facilities technology team will select and implement the ideal products to meet your functional and administrative goals.

Miles Ahead Technology offers the following facilities technology solutions:

intrusion detection

Whether the intruder is a person, water or cold weather, we provide detection and fault monitoring services to achieve your security and asset protection goals.

access control

Rekey facilities less often following employee turnover and make certain your facilities are accessible when necessary while maintaining individual accountability.


Miles Ahead Technology offers analog and IP surveillance systems. As such, coverage, viewing, recording, storage and automation options are nearly unlimited.

structured cabling

Do you have a really tight budget? We have a cost effective solution to get the job done. Does your network have maximum performance and reliability requirements? We have industry leading systems with lifetime performance guarantees for you too.


Our engineers carefully craft auditory solutions to overcome unique architectural and spatial challenges.


From boardroom to barroom, we have experience implementing video display systems to capture the interest of viewers while simultaneously achieving the objectives of owners.

fire notification

With a painstaking attention to detail we install code compliant and dependable fire notification systems.