Entrust Miles Ahead Technology to oversee the information technology aspects of your organization and implement the best solutions with predefined resources. Or, engage Miles Ahead Technology to supplement an existing staff with our expertise. Either way, you will enjoy a refreshingly pragmatic and flexible approach to information technology.

Miles Ahead Technology offers the following information technology solutions:


More computing options exist today than ever before and, as a result, are often overwhelming to consider. Engage our informed and experienced staff to determine which computing resources are best suited to meet the needs of your organization.


Responsive, secure and stable networks are our specialty. Our skilled network engineers revel in the challenges of multi-site, wide area networks and the simplicity of small office, local area networks alike.


Is your organization trying to discern what unified communications is or whether it is useful? Do you need assistance navigating the telecommunications industry and choosing the best services? If so, you are not alone and we are prepared help.